Ipswich to London Bridge Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameIpswich to London Bridge
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationIpswich
End LocationLondon Bridge Railway Station
Cycle Steps
1. Decided to cycle to London for the #RoyalWedding2011 so I left at around 5am...the route to Colchester was fine, a few mild hills but relaxing at a slow pace. Going along the road towards Colchester Zoo was very quiet. I can imagine it being busy though. The turning off onto Mountain road was not a welcome. But there is a bench with a nice view when it joins Beacon Hill. That was my first stop 2hrs into the journey. The road to Hatfield Peverel was easy no problems as it was all sign posted. Through Chelmsford was not a problem. There was a cycle lane along the A138. Turning towards Galleywood was another good route. This stretch did have a few hills which resulted in me having a much need stop. Galleywood Stores before the right turn to Margaretting was a welcome. From then on straight into London A11 was no problem. It picks up your energy levels seeing people and city life so the ride is easy from then on. It took me 4hr46mins.
Landmarks/Sites to see?