Kelloe Circular via Catle Eden Walkway Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameKelloe Circular via Catle Eden Walkway
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationTate Avenue
End LocationTate Avenue
Cycle Steps
1. Start @ kelloe,head towards coxhoe hall(off road) then along to coxhoe, left turn 200 yrds,turn left again on private tarmac rd, 1 mile, then off road for 1.5 miles, head towards trimndon village,up hill then towards hurwurth reservoir. 2 miles on road,@ reservoir head up to overhead bridge,left turn off road,towards station town,sign posted,then downhill on road towards wingate,left turn then head towards trimdon station. Make haste to trimdon grange then past the dovecot pub,left turn then 500 yrds left,300 yrds right then off road to where u began...17 miles in total canny hill at the end.
Landmarks/Sites to see?