Waltham Abbey to Canary Wharf Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWaltham Abbey to Canary Wharf
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityWaltham Abbey
Start LocationWaltham Abbey McDonalds
End LocationCanary Wharf
Cycle Steps
1. Drop down onto the tow path at Waltham Abbey and enjoy 15 miles of canal path without a single car in the way! Can not go wrong as the path takes you all the way in to London past the Olympic Stadium crossing over the canal at obvious points. At the end of the path you will need to cross the A12 but then get back down onto the tow path the other side - again quite obvious where it is. Although there the route could take you right into Canary wharf I tend to leave the path and head through langdon Park to cut off a corner but this is personal preference.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Canal all the way!