Dorchester to Porteham Hills Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameDorchester to Porteham Hills
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationMaiden Castle Road
End LocationWinterborne St Martin
Cycle Steps
1. From Maiden Castle Road, a short warm up via Poundbry before entering the beautiful Doset countryside towards Martinstown. Drop dow to Martinstown and turn left heading for Upwey. This section climbs most of the way, but always fun; nothing too difficult. A short sharp decent before turning right and heading for Frampton and then Portesham. This is the fun bit! From here to Hardy's Monument, approximately one and a quarter miles later, it is all uphill and dramatically so. A real challenge, but short enough to still enjoy (perversly) all the way. Once you reach Hardy's Monument, you get to enjoy loosing all the height gained, but over a much longer distance. 40mph plus is possible here, and although the road is narrow, it is mostly straight, so visibility for you and motorists is good. You will soon be back in Martinstown and from here it is a reverse of the start of the route. On a sunny day this ride is hard to beat.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Hardy's Monument. Pub in Portesham.