Purbeck Ride From Bournemouth Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NamePurbeck Ride From Bournemouth
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationRedhill roundabout
End LocationRedhill roundabout
Cycle Steps
1. This is a fantastic yet challenging ride with lots of hills and great views to be seen. A bike that is capable off roading is essential and be prepared to get a little muddy if not doing it in the Summer. Warning:make sure that your brakes are working properly! The ride starts at the Redhill roundabout, then follows a largely cycle friendly route to the prom, then going west to sandbanks and across the ferry(90p for a bike, march 2011) Turn off the main road into Studland and up the ridge. The ride then follows the ridge westward until you reach Ulwell gap, but the ride picks it up again until you leave it where there should be a milestone directing for Woolgarston. Once raching the road, the route continues along quiet lanes until you reach the B3069. Follow this road,turning off in Kingston and then onto tracks to Swyre Head, where the ride follows another ridge down into Kimmeridge(take care here), where you pick up another road witch takes you over the original ridge one last time before continuing on to Stoubourough and then Wheream. After Aheream, the route crosses a pedestrian rail crossing and then onto some heaths for a wile before reaching a few more lanes and then a short bit along the A35 before turning off through Upton and around holes bay to reach cycle lanes going alongside the Dorset way. Then just a few more roads back to the start.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Places for provisions: Bournemouth, Studland, Harman's cross and Whareham