Whitely Darrington Run Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWhitely Darrington Run
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionNorth Yorkshire
Start LocationA19, south of M62
End Locationa19, south of M62
Cycle Steps
1. The start point just off the A19, Whitley is nicely placed within a layby...good parking. Going Anti-clockwise turn right up the A19 through Whitley village. NB//. The A19 is a busy highway so take extra care. Follow this road for about 1.5 miles before taking the road leading passed but not through the village of Cridling Stubbs. A long straight stretch of about 3 miles gets the legs warm. At the road end dog leg right then left. Follow the road over a level crossing to where the first incline starts. This is a nice heart warmer due to it being a nice long steady hill. This road takes you past Darrington golf course. A short sharp downhill provides some speed for a short sharp uphill (lovely). Turn left at the Darrington golf club 19th hole. Downhill now to the bottom of the road where a left turn takes you on the return leg. Following the road for 1.5 miles take the right turn signed "Kirk Smeaton". A long straight takes you to and up a very unassuming incline that will leave you slightly (or alot) breathless but is the best bit about this ride. Keep going all the way to the end and turn left then mmediatley left again up a small incline. Turn left again at the road end heading towards the village of Womersley. At the small roundabout turn right back towards Whitley. This is a 2.5 mile home stretch back to the layby. Before getting there stop at "The Farm Cafe" for well deserved tea and home made cakes or a full breakfast. This route is actually quite flat even though I keep mentioning inclines! Its good for training or leisure as its mostly on country lanes with low traffic levels except for the start. I normally do it 55 minutes on a road bike. Give it a go I am sure you will enjoy it.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
There are no bike shops en route but cyclists are very common in the area with 2 or 3 bike clubs using these roads. Hence help generally at hand. There is a great coffee shop sellng cakes, meals and fresh produce. They welcome anybody and everybody and are well used to cyclists.