Lewisham to Dartford and Woolwich Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLewisham to Dartford and Woolwich Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationLewisham Park (off A21)
End LocationLewisham Park (off A21)
Cycle Steps
1. This is a road route, mainly on A roads, that has a nice steady climb to the top of Shooters Hill and a nice relatively stop free run towards Dartford. The return leg has some nice long straights on the new A2016 near Erith for some sprint work. From Lewisham Park turn right onto the A21 and follow this under the railway bridge, left at the first roundabout, and left at the A20 roundabout. This takes you on a small loop along the A20 to the second turning on the right. Turn right onto Jerrard Street and go to the A2211 T junction. Turn right onto Thurston Road, A2211, and follow this back to the A20 T junction. turn left onto Loampit Vale, A20, and head back to the A21 roundabout, completing the loop. At the roundabout, go straight across onto Lewisham High Street, A20, and follow this till the first turn off on the left. Turn left, off the A20 and onto Belmont Hill, B220, heading towards Blackheath. Follow the B220 to the B212 mini-roundabout. At the mini-roundabout, turn left onto Lee Road, B212, and follow this past Blackheath railway station and across Black Heath to the A2 crossroads. At the crossroads, turn right onto Shooters Hill Road, A2, heading towards Dartford. Follow the A2 to the roundabout and go straight across, off the A2 and onto the A207, still Shooters Hill Road. Follow the A207 across the A205 crossroads, straight through Welling, and on till the A2000 T junction in Crayford. At the junction, turn right onto Crayford Road, still the A207 heading for Dartford. Go straight across the first roundabout and on till the second. At the second roundabout, go straight across, off the A207 and onto Dartford Road, A226. Follow the A226 straight across the next roundabout into Dartford and swing around to the crossroads by the retail park. At the crosstoads, turn left, off the A226 and onto Hythe Street, A2026, go under the railway bridge and up to the roundabout. At the roundabout, turn left onto Victoria Road, still A2026, heading towards Slade Green. Follow the A2026 to the A206 large roundabout. At the roundabout, turn left, off the A2026 and onto Thames Road, A206. Follow the A206 straight through two roundabouts, then swing left at the next and then right at the next, onto Northend Road, still A206. Follow the A206, towards Erith, and go straight through the first roundabout. At the second roundabout go straight across, off the A206 and onto Bronze Age way, A2016. Follow the A2016 straight through Erith, under the B213, straight across the B532 roundabout, and right at the next roundabout onto Eastern Way, still on the A2016. Continue to follow the A2016 straight across the A2041 roundabout, past Birchmere Park, straight across the second A2041 roundabout, and on till the A206 T junction at Plumstead. At the junction, turn right onto Plumstead Road, A206, heading towards Woolwich. Follow the A206 straight across the A205 roundabout at the Woolwich Ferry, staying on the A206. Follow the A206 left at the next roundabout, straight over the next, at Maryon Park, straight over the third and across the large crossroads. Continue on the A206 under the A102, Blackwell Tunnel Approach Road, and on past the University of Greenwich and left into Greenwich. Take the A2211 turn off on the left, Greenwich South Street. Follow the A2211 straight across the A2 crossroads, onto Lewisham Road, on under the railway bridge at Lewisham and on till the A20/A21 roundabout. At the roundabout, go straight across onto Molesworth Street, A21, and follow the A21 back to Lewisham Park, turning left off the A21 onto Lewisham Park and swinging clockwise around the park back to the start point.
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