Stakeford to Woodhorn and Ellington Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameStakeford to Woodhorn and Ellington Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationStakeford Lane (A196), Stakeford
End LocationStakeford Lane (A196), Stakeford
Cycle Steps
1. This is a great, mixed route of mostly on cycle paths to Lynemouth and then all roads from there, that has really only 2 difficult climbs, 1 at Stakeford at the start and 1 at Sheepwash near the finish. The route can be made all road, if you wish as all of the cycle paths are adjacent to roads. This makes the route mainly on A roads. Head out of Stakeford on Stakeford Lane, A196, heading towards North Seaton. Follow the A196 straight across the A1147 roundabout, over the river and over the railway crossing to the B1334 roundabout. At the roundabout go straight across, leaving the A196 and joining the B1334, still heading towards North Seaton. Follow the B1334 straight through the next three roundabouts, then go onto the cycle path to the left of the B1334 (or continue to follow the B1334 to the next large roundabout, where you turn left onto the A189). On the cycle path, follow this across one road and then left alongside South Side and on till it turns left to run parallel to the A189. Follow either the cycle path, or the A189 to the A197 large roundabout. At the large roundabout, follow the cycle path left, go across the A197, next to a smaller roundabout, turn right onto the cycle path and go back to the large roundabout where you follow the path left to run parallel again to the A189 (for road users go straight across the large roundabout, staying on the A189). Follow the cycle path (road) under the railway bridge then take the cycle path on the left and go to the T junction. Turn right onto the country road and follow this to the A189 T junction at the Woodhorn Memorial (road users continue on the A189 till the A197 roundabout, where you go straight across, off the A189 and onto the A197). Follow the cycle path left, then cross the A189 onto a cycle path through the trees. Follow this till it comes parallel with the A197. At this point the A197 turns off right. Do not follow this, but continue straight on towards Lynemouth. Follow the cycle path parallel to road to Lynemouth (or the road itself for road users), under the railway bridge, and on till it joins Park Road. Follow the road as it turns sharp right, becomes Bridge Road and goes on till a mini-roundabout. At the mini-roundabout turn left onto Albion Terrace and follow this road straight through Lynemouth and Ellington to the A1068 roundabout. At the roundabout turn left onto the A1068, heading towards Ashington. Follow the A1068 straight across the roundabout, over the railway bridge, and on till the A197 T junction. At the junction, turn right onto Morpeth Road, A197, and follow this as it sweeps right and comes to the A1068 turn off on the left. Turn left, off the A197 onto Sheepwash Road, A1068, heading for Sheepwash. Follow the A1068 across the river and on till the A196 roundabout at Guide Post. At the roundabout, turn left, off the A1068 and onto the High Street, A196. Follow the A196 as it becomes Stakeford Lane and goes back to the start point.
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