Waltham Abbey to Canary Wharf via Towpaths Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWaltham Abbey to Canary Wharf via Towpaths
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityWaltham Abbey
Start LocationHighbridge Street (B194), Waltham Abbey
End LocationCanary Wharf
Cycle Steps
1. This is an off road route, almost totally on tow paths, that is all flat (it is a tow path afterall!) with a couple of rough bits of paths, but suitable for hybrid bike. From the McDonalds car park in Waltham Abbey turn left onto the B194, after about 100 yards, go over the first canal and take the pathway on the right before the second. Go down and left over the lock and then left onto the towpath, back under the B194. Follow the towpath under the M25, staying on the same side of the canal at tthe next lock. Continue on until you pass under Ordnance Road, then at the next lock, cross the canal. Follow the canal past King George Reservoir, under the A110, past William Girling Reservoir, under A406, Banbury Reservoir, to the lock between Lockwood Reservoir and Tottenham Marshes. At the lock, cross the canal. Follow the towpath on under the A503, the railway bridge, past Warwick Reservoir East, under another railway bridge, past Warwick Reservoir West, under another railway bridge and under the A104. take the first bridge across the canal. Follow the towpath under the footbridge, under the B112 and the A12, under Hackney Wick railway bridge, and on till the next lock. At the lock, follow the path straight on past the lock and across the bridge over a tributary canal. Over the bridge turn right onto the towpath. Follow this, passing under small then large railway bridges and the A11. Once under the A11 you need to swing right to cross the canal again. Now swing left bback onto the towpath. Follow the towpath round to three Mile Lane, where you need to cross the canal once more. Follow the towpath under the Bromley Railway bridge, B140, A12, A1205, A13, and on till you come to a towpath roundabout at the A1203. Head left along Limehouse Link towards the Thames. Go along the Thames towpath to Canary Warf Pier, where you can swing left into Canary Wharf.
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