Harrogate to Grantley and Pateley Bridge Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHarrogate to Grantley and Pateley Bridge Loop
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionNorth Yorkshire
Start LocationOtley Road (B6162)
End LocationOtley Road (B6162)
Cycle Steps
1. This is a great road route, mainly on country roads, with lots of hill (Greenhow Hill being the hardest of these!). It is also very scenic between Grantley and Blubberhouses. So overall it is ideal for a Sunday run. Head out of Harrogate on Harlow Moor Road, Cornmall Road and Penny Pot Lane, to the B6161, Oaker Bank roundabout. Head straight over the roundabout, staying on Penny Pot Lane, then turn right onto Burley Bank Road, heading towards Hampsthwaite. Follow the road across the A59, Skipton Road crossroads, and on till the T junction on the outskirts of Hampsthwaite. Turn right onto the High Street and follow this through Hampsthwaite, staying right at the fork and going across the crossroads onto Church Lane, heading for Clint. Follow the road to Clint, where you turn right onto Clint Bank, heading for Shaw Mills. Follow the road straight across the B6165 crossroads, onto Pye Lane, and contiue into Shaw Mills. In Shaw Mills, follow the road as it swings right and becomes Mill Bank, heading for Bishop Thornton. Follow the road right at the T junction and on into Bishop Thornton. In Bishop Thornton turn right at the T junction, with the factory buildings on your right, and follow the road to the first crossroads. Turn left, heading for Sawley. Follow the road, taking the left turn onto Middycar Bank to take you into Sawley. Go straight through Sawley and on till the B6265 T junction at Risplith. Turn right onto the B6265 and then take the first left off again, heading for Grantley. Follow the road through Grantley, then, just after the right turn for Low Grantley, take the first left, heading for High Skeding. Follow the road to the forked T junction. At the junction turn right and follow the road as it turns sharp first left. Continue till you reach a T junction. Turn left heading towards Pateley Bridge. Follow the road towards Pateley Bridge over the hills until the road take a sharp swing right, followed by a hairpin bend left. Take the first right hand turn immediately after this, and follow this into Pateley Bridge. Enter Pateley Bridge on Old Church Lane, then turn right, at the B6265 junction, onto the High Street. Follow the B6265 to Greenhow Hill. At Greenhow Hill, turn left, off the B6265 and onto Duck Street Lane, heading towards Blubberhouses. Follow the road past Thurscross Reservoir to the A59 T junction at Blubberhouses. Turn right onto the A59, go over the river and just past the carpark area on your left, take the left turn onto Church Hill, heading towards Timble. Follow the road to the crossroads, where you turn left towards Timble. Follow the road as it swings left, at the Timble turn off, heading towards Fewston. Follow the road across the Fewston Reservoir Dam into Fewston. After Fewston, head for Bland Hill, crossing the Swinty Reservoir bridge and turning right at the B6451 T junction. At Bland Hill turn left onto Broad Dubb Road, heading for Beckwithshaw. Follow the road to the B6161 T junction. At the junction, turn left onto the B6161, and follow this through Beckwitshaw to the crossroads. Turn right, off the B6161 onto Otley Road, B6162, heading back towards Harrogate and the start point.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Boneshakers, Harrogate. Stiff Cycles, Summerbridge. Fewston Reservoir and Dam.