Richmond to Aske and Easby Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameRichmond to Aske and Easby Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityHurgill Road, Richmond
County/RegionNorth Yorkshire
Start LocationHurgill Road, Richmond
End LocationThe Railway Station, Richmond
Cycle Steps
1. A nice easy, mixed route, of roads and some good off road bits, with plenty of potential drop out points if you want to cut it short. Head out of Richmond on Hurgill Road and then turn right, onto a track, which leads to the top of Richmond Out Moor. Carry on down the track past Black plantation before reaching the Richmond/Ravensworth road, Spring Lane. Go left and right, on Spring Lane, onto a small section of track through the woods, which can get fast and rocky near the end. Through grass fields to Gillingwood Farm, with some sort of old ruins/buildings to your right as you leave on Old Hall Lane. As Old Hall Lane turns sharp left, turn off right to go across a couple of crop fields and then into a large grass field before one small field to the Gilling Road, High Street, B6274. Turn right onto the B6274, heading towards Richmond, for a small section of road before turning off left towards Skeeby. Just watch out for fast cars on the B6274. Follow the lane till it turns left into Skeeby on Olivers Lane and comes to the A6108 junction. Turn right onto the A6108, heading towards Richmond, for another small section of road. Turn left, as shown, and go through to St Trianian's farm, across the B6271, through Easby and past Easby Abbey ruins. You then go left at the fork into Love Lane, then turn right to go along the the old railway line/bridleway before reaching Richmond's Railway Station. As drawn this route does not form a complete loop. As such a complete loop would be slightly longer in both time and distance than that shown above.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Bike shop at the trading estate which can be accessed off Hurgill Road near the start point.