Harrogate to Sowerby Bridge via Menston Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHarrogate to Sowerby Bridge via Menston
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionNorth Yorkshire
Start LocationOtley Road (B6162), Harrogate
End LocationBurnley Road (A646), Sowerby Bridge
Cycle Steps
1. This is a very scenic road route, mainly on B and country roads, with lots of climbing (and descents!). Leave Harrogate on B6162 and turn left onto the B6161 and head through Beckwithshaw. Turn right, off the B6161, onto Norwood Lane, heading for Bland Hill. At Bland Hill turn left onto the B6451 and follow this through Lindley and into Otley. In Otley turn right onto the A659 and before the A660 roundabout turn left into West Chevin Road. Follow this road across the A660 and into Menston. In Menston go across the A65 into Bingley Road and follow this till the left hand turn to Micklethwaite and Crossflatts. In Crossflatts turn left onto the B6265, Keighley Road, and head across the A650 and on towards Bingley. O the way into Bingley, turn right, off the B6265 and onto the B6429, heading to Harden. In Harden turn left, off the B6429 and onto Wilsden Road. Before reaching Wisden, turn right into Bents Lane and follow this to the B6144 junction. Turn left onto the B6144. Take the second turn off to the right, off the B6144 and into Old Allen Road. Follow this to the crossroads and turn right into Tewitt Lane. Follow this to the T junction and turn right into Whalley Lane. Follow this to the A629 junction. Turn right onto the A629, Keighley Road. Turn left off the A629 into Trough Lane and follow this towards Leeming. At the B6141 junction turn right and follow the road through Leeming and on towards Oxenhope. On entering Oxenhope turn left, off the B6141 into Lower Town and follow this road, as it turns left and right, to the A6033 junction. Turn left onto the A6033 and then left at the crossroads, off the A6033 and into Hill House Edge Lane. Follow this road past Warley Moor Reservoir, through Wainstall, Mount Tabor and into Sowerby Bridge.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Chevin Cycles, Otley. Boneshakers, Harrogate.