Goring to South Stoke via Thames Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameGoring to South Stoke via Thames Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationGoring and Streately Station
End LocationGoring and Streately Station
Cycle Steps
1. This is a scenic route, on a mix of country and B roads and pathways, that goes through the Chiltern Hills and past the famous river Thames at its most beautiful part. It starts by heading south away from the station on Gatehampton Road. It then loops round to the right, just before the end of the road, and follows the path under the railway bridge. You then take the pathway to the right. Follow this and take the sharp left at the building and then right at the junction of the pathways. Follow this and veer right onto Manor Road. Follow Manor Road up through the Station Road junction and on until the B4009 junction. Turn right onto the B4009 and then turn left onto Cleeve Road. Follow Cleeve Road, as it runs parallel to the river, until it turn sharp right and becomes Mill Road. At this point take the pathway on the left. Follow the pathway parallel to the river, until the junction with The Bridle Way. Go left and follow The Bridle Way until the junction with The Street. Again go left. Follow The Street until the Ferry Road junction and turn left onto Ferry Road. Follow this under the railway bridge and into South Stoke. Go across the crossroads onto Woodcote Road. Follow this until the next crossroads. At the crossroads turn right onto Icknield Road and follow this until the Elvendon Road junction. At Elvendon Road turn right and follow this till the B4009 junction. Turn right onto the B4009 and follow this back to Goring. Turn off the B4009 onto Gatehampton Road and head back to the Station.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Trailjunkies is a bike shop down Goring High Street. Perch and Pike pub in South Stoke. Queens Arms pub near Goring Station.