Whittington to No Mans Heath Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWhittington to No Mans Heath Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationMain Street, Whittington
End LocationMain Street, Whittington
Cycle Steps
1. This is a steady, fairly flat, road route, mainly on country lanes in South Staffordshire. The route starts in Whittington and heads out Fisherwick Road, across the river and railwy to Hademore. It continues on till the A513 T junction, where you turn right onto the A513, then take the first left back onto country roads. Follow this road again crossing a railway line and on till the T junction. Turn left onto Main Road and follow this through Harlaston, Haunton, Clifton Campville and into No Man's Heath. Here you take a left onto the B5493 and then the first left off again. Follow this road through Chilcote and Netherseal. Continue on past Gorsey Lane on the right and Lodge Lane on the left and stay on Gunby Hill. Take the next left towards Grangewood. Follow this road through Grangewood, Coton in the Elms and into Rosliston. Here you take the sharp left turn off Main Street onto Calton Lane and follow this across the Coton Road crossroads. Continue to follow the road as it takes a sharp right turn and then at the second turn on the left a sharp left turn. This takes you through Catton Hall and down to the A513 junction. Turn right onto the A513 and follow this over the river. Turn off the A513 at the next left, Barley Green Lane. Follow this past Ridget Lane on the right and take the next right into Roddige Lane. Take the first left hand turn and follow this to the T junction at Fine Lane. Turn left onto fine lane and take the first right. Follow this road through Fisherwick Wood and back into Whittington.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Rosliston Forestry Centre and bike friendly cafe