Harrow to Old Quarry Look Out Circuit Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHarrow to Old Quarry Look Out Circuit
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationNorthwick Park Hospital Roundabout (A404), Harrow
End LocationNorthwick Park Hospital Roundabout (A404), Harrow
Cycle Steps
1. This is a mixed route of roads and pathways, that has long and pretty consistant hills, but nothing so bad that you cant breathe. You also get great views of London and Wembley Stadium at the half way point. From the Northwick Park Hospital Roundabout, head down the A404 towards Wembley. At the next roundabout take the 3rd exit onto the A4127. Follow this to the traffic lights at the A4005. At the lights turn right, then first left back onto the A4127. Go down the hill past Sudbury Hill Railway Stations and on till you come to the large roundabout at the A40. The aim here is to go to the right, however, at this point, if you are unsure around cars, then I suggest you use the subway, as it's 4 lanes and quite un-nerving if your not up to it. If you do use the roundabout, take the 3rd exit. Either way, you'll want to end up on the slip road down to the A40. Before you reach the A40, turn left into Oldfield Lane South. You'll see a path to the right that runs parallel to the A40, take this entrance. Follow the path, go under the overhead gantry across the A40 and continue to follow the path parallel to the A40. As you approach the canal, you'll need to get back onto the A40 pavement, as this is the only way to cross the canal. After crossing the canal the pathway drops away from the A40, follow this to Kensington Road. Take a left and in 200yrds you'll see a car park on your right. This is the HALF WAY point. Here I suggust you cycle up the middle hill, its the one with a path that spirals up the side. This will put you high up over the main road and gives you a good view of London and Wembley Stadium. When you're ready, head back the way you came. It's the same until you reach the large set of traffic lights, at the A4005, that only give you an option of turning right or left. You approach the lights up a hill that is signposted 'Hopspital'/Harrow on the Hill. Turn left onto the A4005. Follow the A4005 around the bend, however, TAKE CARE ON YOUR BRAKES! as you can pick up a LOT OF SPEED just cruising down this hill. So don't let yourself go too fast. Continue on till the traffic lights at the A312 junction. At the lights, bear right onto Lower Road, A312, heading back to Harrow centre. This is relatively flat to the first roundabout where you take the 2nd exit, onto the A404 across the railway bridge. At the next roundabout take the 2nd exit again, into Greenhill Way, A4005. (Alternatively, you can take the 3rd exit and give yourself a small hill to finish the ride on, but I tend to head into Harrow for some breakfast). To finish the loop, follow the A4005 to the traffic lights at the A409 T junction. Turn right onto the A409 and follow this back to the Northwick Park Hospital Roundabout. ENJOY!! I've been doing this now for a month, and I'm extenting it next week. I'm 22, Male and looking to do my first century ride by Christmas. To get to the half way point takes me 20min, have some water, then its back to Harrow, all in all its around 12 Miles and takes 1hour/1.10hours in total, burns 750cal in the 80% HRT rate 60%-70% of the ride. Wear a helmet, ride safe and enjoy the look out.
Landmarks/Sites to see?