Hexham to Corbridge Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHexham to Corbridge Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBeaumont Street (off B6305)
End LocationBeaumont Street (off B6305)
Cycle Steps
1. This is an easy road route, mainly on country roads on the way out and A and B roads on the way back, that has no hills. It is suitable for all types of bikes and is great for a quick spin in the winter. The route starts next to parking spaces at Hexham Park annd initially heads north to the A6079. You follow the A6079 past the railway station and across the river. You then take a right turn off the A6079 and shortly find yourself crossing over the A69. Follow the road round to the right into Colchester Lane. This will bring you back over the A69 and into Corbridge. Turn right at the B6529 junction and stay on the B6529 to the B6321 junction. Turn right and follow the B6321 across the river and right at the roundabout. Join the A695 annd head back towards Hexham and the start point. . Some traffic particularly on south leg of loop.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Bike shop Stagshaw Rd Corbridge and St Marys Chare Hexham.