Swindon to Wroughton and Foxhill Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameSwindon to Wroughton and Foxhill Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBath Road (A4289)
End LocationBath Road (A4289)
Cycle Steps
1. This is a nice easy, road route, on a mix of A, B and country roads, that has a few hills like Salthrop, Priors Hill and a drag up Liddington Hill, which add a little extra. The route heads out towards West Leaze and Cancourt, where you go left along Hay Lane. Continue to follow this to the A4361 junction. Turn left and head for Wroughton. Leave Wroughton on Prior's Hill and take the left fork and head for the B4005. At the B4005 turn right and follow this through Chiseldon to the A346 junction. Turn left onto the A346 and the right towards Badbury. Go through Badbury and across the M4 to Liddington. At Liddington turn right onto the B4192 and follow this back across the M4. Take the first left and cross the M4 once more. At the crossroads turn left onto Callas Hill. Follow this road through Upper Wanborough and on until it crosses the A419. Follow the road as it gently curves to the right and take a left turn into Covingham Drive. Follow this to the roundabout and go right onto the B4006. Take a left at the next roundabout onto the A4312 and follow this to the turn off for Marlow Avenue. Immediately turn right onto Drake's Way, which runs parallel to the A4312. At the next large roundabout turn right onto the A4259. You now come to a large roundabout complex surrounded by mini roundabouts. At the first mini roundabout turn left. Switch across lanes to go straight across at the second mini roundabout, staying on the A4259. This brings you immediately to the third mini roundabout where you turn left, off the A4259, onto Fleming Way. Follow fleming way and go straight through the next roundabout. You then come to a large roundabout where you turn left onto Princes Street. Follow the left fork into Clarence Street and follow the road to the A4289 junction. Turn right and follow this back to the start.
Landmarks/Sites to see?