Bottesford to Walkerith and Laughton Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameBottesford to Walkerith and Laughton Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start Locationbottesford
End Locationbottesford.
Cycle Steps
1. This is a road route, mainly on quiet country roads, but with an small section on the A159, that offers a relaxing, scenic run by the Trent. From bottom end of Bottesford travel towards Burringham and then via left along the Trent side heading towards Gainsborough. The road has only light traffic so you can relax a while whilst taking in the sights. Travel through several villages, all with a pub in them! The road runs down through West Butterwick, North Ewster, Susworth, Kelfield, East Ferry, Wildsworth, East Stockwith, West Stockwith and Walkerith. This is all flat country side so you can keep good pace, although on a windy day it gets a right good lick at you and makes the legs work harder!!! (reverse the route for a good time). At Walkerith you turn away from the river along Walkerith Road. Just before arriving at Morton, hang a left onto Laughton Road, which brings you back through the forrest and up to Laughton. In Laughton take a left onto Scotter Road. Follow this round to the A159 junction and take a left. On this part of the route the traffic is much heavier, but I've had no problems as of yet. Once in Scotter you can either follow the route shown by turning left onto North Moor Road and head back towards Scunthorpe via Bottesford, or you can stay on the A159 and head through Messingham. When back into Bottesford turn left onto Moorwell Road to get back to the start point.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Dog and Gun at East Butterwick Jenny Wrenn Inn at Susworth.