Hammersmith to Hampton Court Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHammersmith to Hampton Court
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationHammersmith Broadway (A315)
End LocationHampton Court Palace, Barge Walk
Cycle Steps
1. A varied route, using quiet roads, parks, cycle paths and riverside tracks, that is as suitable for those looking to begin to work up some distance, as those simply looking for a longer leisure ride. Once over Hammersmith Bridge, the route is on mainly quieter roads until you reach East Sheen. A couple of gentle hills to climb on the way up to Richmond Park's Sheen Gate. Through the park you take a route which for the majority is closed to cars - but be careful of meandering runners and skaters sealed off in iPod oblivion! A fairly steep dip to take you out of Ham Gate and then a mile or so to take you back to the riverside path. Although there's a cycle path from here through to the bridge you'll cross, it is shared with pedestrians - so a few hazards to be aware of if you plan to build up any speed. Crossing the river, the final stretch takes you along a riverside track all the way to the palace. A very rewarding view on arrival.
Landmarks/Sites to see?