Lenzie to Lennox Forest Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLenzie to Lennox Forest
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionEast Dunbartonshire
Start LocationLenzie
End LocationLennox Forest
Cycle Steps
1. Go on to the old railway line path to Kirkintilloch
2. In Kirkie head for the canal path.
3. Once on the canal path travel about 6 miles.
4. Keep going until you pass the golf course on your right.
5. Take the first right after the golf course.
6. Head down into the golf course along the public footpath.
7. Cross the bridge, and follow the path right round to the garden centre
8. At the garden centre turn left, 50 yrds on cross the main road.
9. Head along through the estate, until you can turn right heading for Scottish Water
10. Follow this road for atleast a mile, until you come to the bottom of the Wheelie Brae
11. Getting up the wheelie brae is a hard task, but certainly worth it. It also depends if its been raining. Most of the time I end up walking it.
12. Once at the top, pat yourself on the back. Climb over the fence and head across the fields.
13. Following the public path along, you will eventually have to climb over a turnstyle. Once there you are at the back of Lennox Forest.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Campsie golf course, The Stables, Kirkintilloch Canal, Scottish Water, Wheel Craft