Radbrook to Lyth Hill Route Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameRadbrook to Lyth Hill Route
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationHarwood Road (A488), Radbrook
End LocationHarwood Road (A488), Radbrook
Cycle Steps
1. Not too difficult a bike ride at all, on a mix of roads and tracks, not best suited to road tyres. There is a prolonged climb for 5 minutes before Lyth Hill itself. Then a seriously fun craggy track going down Lyth Hill itself. Cyclists with road tyres may wish to slow down or even walk. The climb up Lyth Hill again, is steep and bumpy. Though once at the top, the ride back down into Bayston Hill is amazing, down one straight road, it often becomes a speed race between me and my group. Just beware for a the turns coming down. Keep your wits about you and I can vouch that it'll be very FUN ride.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Lyth Hill