Soto De Onis to Poncebos and The Cares Gorge Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameSoto De Onis to Poncebos and The Cares Gorge
Cycle Route Location
Town/CitySoto de Onis in Picos de Europa
County/RegionMainland Spain
Start LocationSoto de Onis in Picos de Europa
End LocationPoncebos on the Cares River
Cycle Steps
1. Day 7 of our charity bike ride to the Picos de Europa mountains in northern Spain. For more info see After following part of the Vuelta de Espana road race stage, up to Lagos Covadonga in the heart of the Picos de Europa mountains, today we head east on the AS114. It is a short but hilly ride, following the northern road which winds its way around the northern perimeter of the Picos. At the village of Arenas de Cabrales turn right (south) onto the AS264, the Carretera de Poncebas. Here we stay overnight at an hotel, the Arcea Mirador de Cabrales. The short bike ride gives us the rest of the day to explore (on foot) the Cares Gorge, one of the natural highlights of the Picos. ,
Landmarks/Sites to see?
The pathway through the Cares Gorge stretches for 12k. The deep ravine was gouged out by the River Cares and is the most popular walk in the Picos. It goes right across the Picos, from Poncebos in the north to Cain in the south. Great scenery and views, as well as a variety of birds, plants, and animals for nature lovers