Mountains and Lakes Of Covadonga Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameMountains and Lakes Of Covadonga
Cycle Route Location
Town/CitySoto de Cangis
County/RegionMainland Spain
Start LocationSoto de Cangis
End LocationThe Lakes of Covadonga.
Cycle Steps
1. Day 5 of our charity bike ride to the Picos de Europa mountains in northern Spain. For more info see Today we ride into the heart of the Picos mountains. Lots of scope for mountain biking here! We stay for 2 nights at the Pension Casa Pepe in the small village of Soto de Onis. This allows a full day to explore into the Picos de Europa mountains. Head south out of the village to join the AS262. You will now be following a route which features in the 2010 road race classic (and many previous), La Vuelta a Espana! The next 12 miles climbs up the river valley for over 5,000 ft to the Lakes of Covadonga. The AS262 goes to the historically famous Spanish village of Covadonga, which we visited and explored on the previous day. So we continue up into the mountains, the minor road now becoming the C04. This leads up to the 2 main lakes, Lago Ercina and Lago Enol. From here there are many paths used by hikers and moutain bikers to explore the surrounding mountains of the Picos. After a day exploring this area we return, now a long down hill ride, to Soto de Onis.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Spain was invaded by the Moors in 712 AD. In 722 a Spanish warrior named Pelayo attacked and defeated a much larger army of the Moors in the mountain pass at Covadonga. Thus started the Christian Re-Conquest of Spain. Prior to the battle Pelayo, whilst sleeping in a cave, had a vision fore telling his victory. This cave, and the Basilica built to commemorate the victory, are of great historical and religeous significance to the Spanish. A must to visit whilst in this area!