Braunton to Meeth Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameBraunton to Meeth
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBraunton Tourist Information
End LocationMeeth
Cycle Steps
1. Starting at Braunton Tourist Information centre head east along Caen Street until the cross roads, then turn right on to Exeter road.
2. Cycle approximately 2 miles until you are cycling parallel to the river Taw. At this point leave the road and get onto the path along the river banks.
3. Cycle for another 4 miles until you arrive in Barnstaple. When you arrive you should see a bridge above the path, exit the path to the left and cross over the bridge and come back down onto the oppisite side of the river, heading in the direction you arrived from.
4. Staying on this path for the next 9 miles you will eventually arrive in Bideford from the north. Almost half way this is an ideal point for a break. You will have to cross the river at this point and head over Bideford bridge to once again get to the path at the other side.
5. At this point join the A386 heading south keeping the river in view on your left at all times until you can get back to the path running alongside the river. 4 miles on cross the river again and stick to the path as it crosses the meandering river leading to Torrington Old Station.
6. Crossing the river for the last time just after Torrington Station stick to the old railway path once again and follow it south crossing the B3227
7. Keep cycling along this peaceful path through the forests and fields until you arrive in Meeth, 11 miles later.
Landmarks/Sites to see?