Nottingham to Derby on NCN Route 6 Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameNottingham to Derby on NCN Route 6
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationAbbey Street (A6005), Nottingham
End LocationExeter Bridge, Derwent Street, Derby
Cycle Steps
1. The start point is the closest you will get on the NCN route 6 to the city centre of Nottingham, but there is a link to the canal from there which takes you through Castle Marina to Nottingham rail station and the city centre - I will plot that on a separate map as it is not part of the official route 6. The start point is also located at the place where route 6 starts to head north towards Sherwood Forest, Sheffield, etc. I found this route very easy to complete and it is mostly flat. It must get a little vertical on the way into Derby because on the way back I sailed along! But it's a barely noticeable slope - so negligible that I didn't notice it on the way in. Approaching Derby there are alls sorts of routes off it into the city centre, but it's very easy to work out. The railway station is also signposted. The only place I got lost was in Breaston where I missed the turn for Poplar Road, so look out for it! There is only one on-road section without a separate cycle lane that I recall and that is going through the sleepy little village of Borrowash. It was no problem whatsoever. Overall, I think this is a very well thought-out route and for an inexperienced cyclist such as myself it was a dream.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
There is a bike shop in Breaston, just after you've come over the M1 and just before you turn right into Poplar Road.