Hingham to Wymondham Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHingham to Wymondham
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationNorwich Road
End LocationHingham
Cycle Steps
1. Cycle east along Norwich Road. Just after leaving the main street turn left on to Hardingham Road.
2. Cycle along Hardingham road leading into Station road. Keeping left at any forks in the road. You will eventually cross over the busy B1135 on to Mill Road.
3. Keep cycling along Mill Road going straight at all junctions. 2 miles on you will come to a T-Junction/Fork, turn right here and carry on along Mill road.
4. Go straight over the cross roads onto Norwich road. 3 to 4 miles on you will arrive at another cross roads, turn right on to Church road.
5. Shortly after you will come to another T-Junction, turn right on to Bow Hill. You will then meet a cross roads with Watton Road. Take care here as it is very busy.
6. Straight over the next cross roads on to Pockthorpe road. 1 mile later turn right at the cross roads on to Skoyle's Lane.
7. Follow the road round and turn left on to Wramplingham road. Cycle to the end of this road and turn right onto Melton road.
8. Cycle until you come to a T-Junction with Tuttles Lane West. Turn right then first left and head into the housing estate.
9. If you fancy a little break before heading back now is the ideal place to have it. Wyondham has plenty pubs and also a Tourism Information centre if you want to explore it more.
10. Otherwise continue down the road, turn left onto Cock Street and take the 4th side road on your left I think, on to Vicar Street. Cycle straight on 2 miles until the first corss roads.
11. Turn right on to Whitehouselane, then left on to Hospital Road and left again onto The Green.At the next cross roads turn right and then first left onto Top Road. Travel along Top Road, just before the first cross roads there is a side road right, take it.
12. Cycling another mile take a side road left heading for Deopham. At the T-junction turn right onto Wymondham Road. Cycle another 2 miles and you arrive at another T-Junction, turn right and this will lead you to the heart of Hingham.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Worth seeing in Hingham is St Andrew's church, which was built in the late 14th century. In Wymondham there is plenty shops, pubs and public toilets. Worth looking at Market Cross and the Town Museum (Britain's first model prison). Nice place for lunch to is a restored railway station themed tea rooms close to the main station. Finally just south of Deopham is an ex WW2 USAAF airfield. Used actively in 1942 it is now abandoned but can still be visited by the public.