Breightmet to Rivington Circular Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameBreightmet to Rivington Circular
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionGreater Manchester
Start LocationBury Road (A58), Breightmet
End LocationBury Road (A58), Breightmet
Cycle Steps
1. This is a road route, on A and B roads and country lanes, with a number of hills and long straight stretches, giving a mix of a climbing, speed, and for me, endurance workout. A long, long trek for me, with uphill to Belmont onto the tops and downhill stretches to Rivington separated by long straights leaving my legs tired. The uphill through Grimeford Village was a killer after the trek over the tops, but shops and pubs brightened the mood. Chorley New Road is one long flat straight stint into town on cycle track - head down and steady rhythm. I did this on the 2nd Sunday in April, in the afternoon, when I had only been returned to cycling about 2 weeks. So I set it at a difficulty setting of 7 for me, but it is probably less for an experienced rider. I am 54, unfit and overweight - younger and fitter types should have no problems with this ride. Warm weather, dry going - who knows - I may try it again.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Shops and pubs are numerous around the route whcih is all road based. I ride a Marin Bobcat Trail with offroad tyres which doesn't make the route any easier but my recent return to cycling and hence my lack of physical strength and stamina to date keeps me on the straight and narrow. Going offroad along the tops is a dream for the moment.