Sussex Coast Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameSussex Coast
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionEast Sussex
Start LocationDungeness
End LocationSeaford railway station
Cycle Steps
1. This route follows the NCN cycle route, with some changes. It is a mixed route that althogh mostly quiet lanes, also has off road tracks, etc. The majority of the route is flat or gently rolling, however, the reason for the high difficulty score is two challenging hills. The first is at Hastings (The Ridge) Fairlight hill, which although challenging, is "all up" relatively short. The latter, on the road from Alfriston to Seaford, is more awkward, as it starts with a gentle rise, which gets steeper, then goes steep down into a gully, before rapidly changing into a steep climb.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Sussex Downs, Hastings and Rye, Wind farm at Camber. Lots of cafes and restaurants.