Stratford to Brighton via Godstone Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameStratford to Brighton via Godstone
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityEast London
Start LocationStratford/Romford Rd
End LocationBrighton Pier
Cycle Steps
1. First time route, roughly 65 pretty much straight forward and fast miles. It can be a bit modified in the future. If someone likes to join challenge of Ditchling Beacon it's worth to find some shortcuts before M25. Don't ask how long it took me... I wasn't prepared enough, just cycling to work daily ;) Haven't checked maps beforehand or search the web for best roads, just found it interesting to go this easy way. The day was sunny beautiful but chilly in shadows. I went off at noon, too late to catch sunset on the beach if you're stopping too often to check directions with a map. I'll give some tips and hints if you want to try that route. First find a compromise between speed and comfort as it can be fast but bumpy. Then be ready to spend 5 hours in the saddle so plan some stops to bite a banana. You can get some b-fast or lunch at one of many B&B too. Initially I planned to avoid high streets and busy bus routes. Instead I included Crystal Palace Park as it nice and full of happy people. Views are fantastic after M25, only downside are holes in the road, especialy when your tubes are full of air - stone hard 4 bars (almost 60 PSI). Anyway no regrets as always the case with spontaneous decisions - even though Ditchling Beacon is a bit steep and gets your heart beat faster, reward of killing your legs to extreme pain is priceless. The aim of this challenge was to include the mighty DB and finish at the Pier - job done :-) Recommend to all fit boys and girls, cheers.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Plenty, next time I'll post some photos.