Overton to Gillingham Circular Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameOverton to Gillingham Circular
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationOverton Station
End LocationOverton Station
Cycle Steps
1. Train from Overton Station and then cycled back to Overton. Climb up to the town at Shaftesbury was extremely steep but worth it for the view of Gold Hill (featured in the Hovis ads a few years ago). Interesting shops in Shaftesbury but most were shut on a Sunday. Picked up the Wiltshire cycle way just north of Berwick St John for a picturesque ride up the Ebble Valley (although a huge sculpture of a head in one of the gardens on the road look rather incongruous). A variety of attractive looking pubs and old houses on this stretch. Lots of hills on the remainder of the route particularly a long (although manageable) climb out of Downton and another up to Dean Hill.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
See above. Plenty of pubs on the route. Shops in Gillingham and Shaftesbury. Cycle shop on route just outside Gillingham Station.