Bath to Bristol via Railway Path Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameBath to Bristol via Railway Path
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBath
End LocationBristol
Cycle Steps
1. Very easy to ride cycle path between Bath and Bristol. Mostly paved, with some areas of smooth cycle track, following an old railway line. No cars to worry about. Leaving Bath, after around 3 miles you meet the railway line with steam-trains running along it. Around 2 miles on, you cross the line at the station (not a bad place for a cup of tea). After crossing the line you can continue folowing the path to the left, behind the car-park. You cross back over the railway line a little further on, and the railway line ends after another mile. Over the following 2 miles there are a couple of road-crossings (with traffic lights). You then come to an uphill climb to cross the bridge over the main road. In a few hundred meters, you cross a second bridge over the road again. Very pleasant route, perfect for sunny afternoons.
Landmarks/Sites to see?