Newmarket Circular via Red Lodge Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameNewmarket Circular via Red Lodge
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationThe Severals
End LocationThe Severals
Cycle Steps
1. you leave the town centre and cycle up Bury road at the junction of Bury St Edmunds or Thetford head to Thetford on the path until you come to the lodge at the top follow the path around the side of the lodge and head down between the trees over the A14. Once at the otherside its a left then right and you'll be heading out towards snailwell along a gravel path. There’s a slight gradient but easily climbed in the correct gear. once the other side head to the gate and turn right this will lead you towards Chippenham. The county roads are mostly quiet or have light traffic at most. leaving Chippenham you'll head out towards red lodge /Kentford back over the A14 turn left into redlodge cyle past the famous red lodge cafe. Once out of red lodge on the way to Kentford you'll pass the new housing development on the left then your back in the quiet country lanes that connect to Kentford passing fields of pigs horse and other farm animals. Once in Kentford it a 200m ride along the main road to Newmarket before turning right at the Bell pub and heading out towards Moulton. follow this road for 2miles and then take a right back towards Newmarket. Select the right gear as the road is long and the gradient has a gradual incline to the top of warren hill. the view over the town is worth the effort. head back into towm down warren hill and you reach the end of your journey at The Severals.
Landmarks/Sites to see?