Kettering Circular via Uppingham Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameKettering Circular via Uppingham
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationWindmill ave
End LocationWindmill ave
Cycle Steps
1. Nice easy start through Kettering town with a few miles of fairly flat roads until the village of Wilbarston. The hills come thick and fast for about 5 miles through to Hallaton. A long steady climb of about 2 and a half miles into Uppingham. From there a very welcome flat spot then a nice slow descent towards Lydington getting quite fast towards the bottom end. Flat spot of a few miles into Gretton and then another steady not to difficult a climb into gretton. Followed by a few undulating straights towards Weldon. From Weldon mainly A-road work undulating again into Geddington then flat back into a sprint finish into Kettering again.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Very nice little cafe "beans" in Uppingham just about right for a quick cuppa and t-cake. (the owner is a cyclist and very helpful, good place to fill up your water bottle if needed).