Leicester Circular via Loughborough Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLeicester Circular via Loughborough
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionEast Midlands
Start LocationLondon Road (A6)
End LocationLondon Road (A6)
Cycle Steps
1. Follow London Road, and then go on A594, go on A6 again, go pass Abbey Park. Go on B5327 and turn into Blackbird Rd, and then follow minor roads to avoid heavy traffic. Go pass Thurcaston and Quom, will eventually get on A6004, then you'll be in Loughborough. [Way back] Go on A6, head toward Leicester, turn into Main street after going past Charnwood Water, head toward Woodthorpe. Follow the road sign to Woodhouse, then to Cropston Reservoir. Follow signs, head toward Anstey. Once gone past Anstey, look for A5630, and then B5327. Head for A6, and you will go pass Abbey park. Follow to road and then you'll be in Leicester again.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
LEICESTER - Abbey Park - Thurcaston - Quom - LOUGHBOROUGH - Charnwood Water - Woodthorpe - Woodhouse - Cropston Reservoir - Anstey - Abbey park - LEICESETER. -Bike shops- Webster cycle on London Road (Leicester) Bike park in Leicester town hall Cycle-Trax on Park Road (Loughborough)