Hackney to Shepherd's Bush via parks and river Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHackney to Shepherd's Bush via parks and river
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationWell Street (A106), Hackney
End LocationGoldhawk Road (A402), Sheherd's Bush
Cycle Steps
1. This is a great route if the weather is good. Starting out in Hackney it takes in a lap (almost) of Victoria Park. It then cuts down to Canary Wharf for a loop around the skyscrapers. Then along the Thames until Battersea where a jump across the river, at Queenstown Road (A3216), takes you into Battersea Park. Then back over the bridge at Battersea Bridge Road (A3220) and a mosey through Chelsea Harbour, for all the rich women out for a run. Then across Wansworth Bridge (A217) (got a little lost here, and could have stayed on the A205) and found my way to Richmond Park. A lap around Richmond Park (lost again as I end up at Putney Bridge via Roehampton, could have cut through Barnes Common on the A306). From the south side of Putney Bridge I headed to Hammersmith Bridge then into Shepherd's Bush. Nice
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Victoria Park, Canary Wharf, River Thames, Battersea Park, Chelsea Harbour, Richmond Park.