Westerham Circular via Knockholt and Tatsfield Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWesterham Circular via Knockholt and Tatsfield
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBrasted Road (A25)
End LocationBrasted Road (A25)
Cycle Steps
1. A round trip along the north downs from Westerham to Knockholt, back to Tatsfield and Westerham. Start in the overspill car park just a few hundred yards east of Westerham on the north side of the A25. 2 good hills - from the Pilgrim's way up towards Knockholt and from Botley Farm back down towards Westerham. This route is good for anyone living within the A25 looking for some quieter roads not too far away from Croydon / Bromley area. About 25 /30 miles with plenty of scope for lengthening or shortening the route by adding diversions to Cudham / Downe or by cutting back to Westerham from Tatsfield.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
North Downs. Pilgrim's Way