Cleadon to Muggleswick Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameCleadon to Muggleswick Loop
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionTyne and Wear
Start LocationCleadon
End LocationMuggleswick
Cycle Steps
1. A very hilly road route from South Tyneside into County Durham, almost reaching Derwent Reservoir, and back, that uses a mix of A, B and minor roads, but is mainly on minor roads. Start out out of Cleadon on Boldon Lane and head to Baldon. At Boldon turn right onto the A184 and follow this till a left turn into Downhill Lane. Follow this to the A19 junction. Across the junction you can either take the A1290, or Downhill Lane, depending on whether you wish to go clockwise or anti-clockwise. In a clockwise direction you will run through Washington and Chester-Le-Street and come very close to Derwent Reservoir at Eddis Bridge. The return will skirt round the edges of Conset and Gateshead before returning to the A19 junction. You then retrace the route back to Baldon and Cleadon.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Riverside Test Cricket Ground Derwent Reservoir Cestria Cycles - Chester-le-Street