South Hylton to Cox Green Circular Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameSouth Hylton to Cox Green Circular
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionTyne and Wear
Start LocationSouth Hylton riverside off A19
End LocationSouth Hylton riverside off A19
Cycle Steps
1. Starting out from South Hylton Riverside, ride along to Offerton Lane (under the A19 bridge) and climb the steep bank for around 100m. Continue until the lane joins with the old railway line and go right under the A19. Continue straight on the railway line until you come to a tarmaced road, then turn right. Wiz down the bank to the riverside and turn left towards Cox Green Bridge. Cross the bridge (dismounted of course!) then turn left and then right to get onto the cyclepath heading back East along the North side of the river. Stay on this cycle path – which branches left away from the river. Cross over the entrance to an industrial estate and ride alongside the main road for about 200m, before turning right to follow the cyclepath. The path twists right then left until meeting the entrance to Washington Wildfowl Park. Turn right, crossing the road, onto the cycle path. Stay on this path as it cuts though woodland until it meets a tarmacked road. Turn left onto the road then after about 50m right onto the right-hand cyclepath (through the cycle style). Follow this path alongside the dual carriageway until it curves round to the right and comes to a farm road. Turn left back on yourself and go under the A19 underpass stopping just as you exit. Climb the steps onto the bridge then cross the river. Turn off at the footpath that meets back up with Offerton Lane, then follow the bank down to meet up with the riverside track.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Cox Green Bridge Washington Wildfowl Park