Woodley to Windsor Circular via Henley Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWoodley to Windsor Circular via Henley
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationWoodlands Ave, Woodley
End LocationWoodlands Ave, Woodley
Cycle Steps
1. Depending which way you cycle the biggest hills are near the beginning or the end. Go towards Wokingham on the way out to Windsor and the hills are gentle and the cycling along mains roads and then country lanes. Almost into Windsor pass behind Legoland and out towards Fifield and Bray. From there towards Paley Street and then through small country lanes all the way to Henley. This way takes you down White Hill instead of up - always a good ploy (you'll see why!). Through the middle of Henley and along the main Reading road for a short while and then up towards Binfield Heath. This is a steep climb that takes you down through the gears! Down the other side into Sonning and over Sonning bridge on the home stretch.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Watch out for Michael Parkinson's pub in Paley Street.