Llandybie to Carmarthen via Porthyrhyd Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLlandybie to Carmarthen via Porthyrhyd
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationRawlings Road, Llandybie
End LocationSt. David's Park, Carmarthen
Cycle Steps
1. Start off on Blaenau Road follow it all the way to Gorslas. Turn left and immediately right towards and through Cefneithen, through Foelgastell, continue to follw road until Porthyrhyd. Turn right at Porthyrhyd on to the B4310, follow road all the way through and turn left on to the B4300. Continue through Capel Dewi and until the end of Capel Dewi Road. Turn Right on to Llangunnor Road, follow road until roundabout (there is an underpass just before on the left hand side) head straight to Pensarn roundabout, turn right towards Carmarthen. (The rest of the route is to my place of work. (St. David's) So you can go wherever you wish after that) n.b. Alternatively there is a right turn just after Carmarthen decorators (used to be Towy Nurserys/Ar dy Feic) and another underpass that passes PC World/Currys and continues under Towy bridge, joining a cycle route that comes out by the railway station and over the new bridge. This route then takes you to the pembrokeshire cycle route if you so wish. The route is more downhill than the reverse I have posted, so it is a little more easier.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Towy River (next to Capel Dewi Road) National Botanical Gardens (on the B4310)