Didcot to Wantage Circular Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameDidcot to Wantage Circular
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationAbingdon Rd, Didcot
End LocationAbingdon Rd, Didcot
Cycle Steps
1. A weekend route (I use a recumbent bike). I've based this on one of my old cycle routes but added a detour through very pretty villages of Lockinge and East Hanney (south of the A417). The road coming into Sutton Courtney from the east have the worst (i.e. not great) quality surfaces along the whole section. In addition the 90 degree left bend in the middle of Sutton Courtney has a manhole cover extending 1 meter out from the edge which if wet could be an issue...so take the corner wide if possible. These are the only places where road surface/objects are of concern. The route from Steventon outwards towards Hanney is a long slightly exposed route subject to a headwind from the commonly encoutered souith westerly headwind but after you reach the A338 these headwinds are less of an issue. The turning off the A338 into 'Grove Parke Drive' is 50 meters before a large roundabout. This road is flat for the first 3/4 before climbing up to meet the A417. A choice here is to go over the road and down into the 'pretty village' section through Lockinge and Ginge to get you to East Hendred, or turn left and take the faster (but not busy out-of-hours) main road eastwards. The Lockinge to East Hendred section has only one section of 'semi-off-road' surface linking Ginge to the road north into East Hendred. OK for a touring or mountain bikes but less good for a road bike (you can return to the A417 up through West Hendred if necessary). Very pretty villages with gentle undulations along the road some dusty gravel sections where lanes meet from the south. Onto the A417 at East Hendred..need to be quick as the views along the road to the right is quite short...I walk across as a recumbent is not good for a 'dirty dart' to the other side. The A417 is a good surfaced road with no significant climbs...a couple of half mile slopes. The views across the countryside are good, the wind normally from behind should take you quickly towards Blewbury where you turn north towards Didcot. This final section has no particular points of interest other than going through East Hagbourne (you can reach this village by coming off the A417 through/towards West Hagbourne).
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Nearest cycle shop is one in the centre of Didcot with a Halfords on the east side (corner of Abingdon Road and Haddon Hill road..A4130). RBS Formula 1 Centre is just off the roundabout on the A338... the one you don't quite reach as we turn right into Grove Park Drive. Village section is on Oxfordshire Regional Route 44. Very pretty vilages....bit of a maze if you turn off to investigate