Llandaff to Aberthin Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLlandaff to Aberthin Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationWaungron Road (B4488), Llandaff
End LocationWaungron Road (B4488), Llandaff
Cycle Steps
1. 1. Start at Llandaff Waungron Road and head off north up Ely Road. There is a slight incline towards Llandaff Village. 2. At Llandaff village turn left onto Cardiff, heading towards Llantrisant. Go through traffic lights over the hill and then down towards the roundabout(1). 3. At the roundabout bear left onto Llantrisant Road(A4119), heading west past the BBC studios. Go straight over the Danescourt roundabout(2), then up a slight incline towards another roundabout(3). Again go straight across. 4. As you leave the roundabout and pass over the hill, it's downhill towards another roundabout(4). Then you start to climb towards the Radyr roundabout(5) again going straight across. 5. Leaving the Radyr roundabout behind you, were heading towards the village of Groes Faen and crossing the M4 along the undulating Llantrisant Road. Passing through Groes Faen we come to a T-junction near the Castell Mynach pub to our right. 6. At the T-junction turn right and head down towards Llantrisant. At the next set of lights turn right and head towards Miskin. 7. At the roundabout(6) go straight over and follow the fairly flat road around to the left and then the right. This takes you through another 3 painted roundabouts and up an incline towards a fourth painted roundabout(10). 8. At the roundabout turn left onto Llantrisant Road and head South through the village of Pontyclun onto Cowbridge Road (A4222). 9.Going through Pontyclun, head downhill through Brynsadler until you reach a set of traffic lights. This is the bottom of a hill that will leave you a little breathless heading up to Talygarn. 10.Once over the hill at Talygarn it is pretty much downhill until you climb again up into the village of Ystradowen. You can stop for refreshment at the White Lion which you will pass on your right hand side. 11. Once over the hill at Ystradowen it's downhill until you reach the Hare & Hounds pub on the left hand side, just before the road turns to the right. 12. At the Hare and Hounds take the left and then almost immediately the next right onto Pen-y-lan Road. 13. Pen-y-lan Road is the most challenging climb on the route - I have not made it up without stopping at least once. At the top of Pen-y-lan Road you are on the downs and just before you reach the A48 is Norman's Cafe. They are very welcoming to cyclists so you can park your bike round the back and grab a cuppa and a cake. 14. From here you could simply re-trace your route back to Llandaff or travel east along the undulating A48 until you turn off right towards Pendoylan. The A48 is the worst part of the route, it is good to get back on the country lanes as you head north towards Pendoylan until you reach a fork after about a mile 15. At the fork bear right downhill, quite steep, through Gwern-y-steeple and up into Peterstone Super Ely where you will pass the Sportsmans Rest pub on the left, worth a stop if you have time. 16. From here pretty much an undulating route heading east into cardiff.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
- White Lion at Ystradowen, the Hare and Hounds at Aberthin, Normans Cafe on Stalling Downs and the Sportsmans Rest at Peterstone.