Woodilee Single Track Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWoodilee Single Track
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionEast Dunbartonshire
Start LocationEaster Garngaber Road
End LocationWoodilee Hospital / Road
Cycle Steps
1. This is a nice wee circuit, that only takes between 30 mins and half an hour. Nice route for after dinner.
2. Starting at the tunnel on Easter Garngaber, so up the track to the right of it, that runs parallel to the railway.
3. Cycle through a little bit of woodland and just after the electricity wooden pylon on your left, there is a nice drop to cycle down on to the lower path.
4. Turn right on to this path and carry along to the first turnstyle.
5. Carry straight on, through the next turn style and cycle until you come very close to the river and come to another turn style. This brings you onto a road.
6. Turn left and head up the hill, passed the horses on your right.
7. Coming to a T-Junction in the road head effectively straight on, or to the left. Carry along this road for quarter of a mile, until you come to a sharp right.
8. Don't go right but instead travel straight a head over the gate and into the field. There can occasionally be cows in this field but they don't usually come near you.
9. Cycling along the track it twists and comes to a nice rocky fast downhill. At the end of this climb over the gate and head right on to the path.
10. Cycling for another quarter of a mile, there is a little bit of woodland on your right with some water splashes and tracks to wiz round on.
11. Cycle out of the forest and carry along the path you were just on. Keep cycling, just before you reach the road, turn right up the muddy hill through the trees. This will take you out onto a disused road that was once part of Woodilee Hospital. Head right for 20 yards and cycle back into the forest.
12. This is a little technical short descent which can be quite fun in the rain. This takes you back on to the path. This time head all the way to the road.
13. Turn right and head along the road until the side road left. Turn left here then immediate right onto another Woodilee hospital abandoned road.
14. Follow this road and up for about 50 yards and just before the wall starts on your left there is a path, take that.
15. Cycle right along to the end and there is another nice bit of technical single track, taking you down onto a path that crosses over the river.
16. Cycling along the path and up the hill, just after the steps turn left into the field. There are some nice jumps here so get your speed up and race down. This runs along side the river and brings you out onto a road once again.
17. Turn right up this road leading you onto Woodilee road. Head up the hill once you have joined Woodilee road, on your left is a bus stop. If you come off here and head behind the bus stop there is a nice path taking you left or right. Both ways have a nice we fast track down to the bottom of Woodilee road.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Remains of Woodilee Hospital, Deer if you're lucky