Weardale Circular via Mickleton and Barnard Castle Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWeardale Circular via Mickleton and Barnard Castle
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationNorth End/Old Dryburn Way
End LocationNorth End/Old Dryburn Way
Cycle Steps
1. Approximately 80mile circular route: Join the Lanchester Valley Line (Route 14) at Neville’s Cross; continue until junction with Route 7 near Consett. Go SW along Route 7 until junction at Bee Cottage Fm; follow footpath SW to west branch of Route 7. Take Route 7 W through Waskerley then S to Crawleyside joining B6278. Continue S along B6278 into Stanhope – Stop for lunch and sightseeing. Cross the River Wear to south bank via minor road crossing the railway continue W to St John’s Chapel which joins the A689. Turn left onto minor road, 2nd past church; follow for about 6 miles S, E then SE across Harthorpe Moor and Langdon Common joining B6277. Turn left SE through Langdon Beck and Forest-in-Teesdale; turn right onto a track at Moor Riggs; follow SE to see the High Force. Follow the track NE to return to B6277; turn right following for 1Km, then turn right onto a footpath crossing to south bank of River Tees. Follow SE for 1.25Km, whereupon the footpath becomes a minor road (278899); follow this until it meets the junction of B6277. Go straight across the junction along B6277 until junction with B6281. Turn right continuing to follow B6277 SE towards Cotherstone and thence into Barnard Castle. Rest for tea and sightseeing. Take the A688 NE, but take the B6278 on the left of the junction. Follow B6278 for 1km until junction with minor road. Turn right along the minor road NE to junction of minor roads. Go straight across NE, until junction with B6282. Take right hairpin turn and follow B6282 NE until junction w/ minor road. Turn left continuing NNE along B6282 ~1km until junction with A68. Turn right E, along A68 until junction with B6282. Turn left along B6282 N, then E into Bishop Auckland. Turn left branch to join A689 and rejoin the Lanchester Valley line to Durham.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Stanhope, High Force, Low Force, Barnard Castle, Bishop Auckland, Durham.