Newlyns Nautical Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameNewlyns Nautical
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationGriffen Way South (B3349), Hook
End LocationGriffen Way South (B3349), Hook
Cycle Steps
1. Starting on Griffen Way head down the A30 towards Hartley Whintney. Take a right on to a small country track just past the car sales places. Head over the railway bridge and carry on down the hill under the motorway. At the junction branch right and take the foot path to the left when you come up to a T junction. Under the dual carriage way and head left on to the Basingstoke Canal. When you hit the first bridge take the right and into Newlyns Farm. Through the buildings and head straight on along one of the fields, turn sharp left and head down the other side of it. Coming out of the farm turn right and head through the woodland area towards a bridge that crosses the motorway once again. Head up Holt lane and back through Bow Fields and Wild Herons to complete the track.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Basingstoke Canal, M3, Newlyns Farm