Derby to Yeaveley Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameDerby to Yeaveley Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationMarkeaton Island, Ashbourne Road (A52)
End LocationMarkeaton Island, Ashbourne Road (A52)
Cycle Steps
1. An fairly easy route for begginers. You start off and a few miles out you turn off left and soon join LongLane, which is long. It has some good descents and climbs. Nothing too hard, although novices may find a few quite tiring (like me). The second part of the route is down a really small lane towards Shirley. This is fairly flat with only short descents and climbs. The miles soon go past. You eventually reach Painters lane/Ashbourne road. The 3rd section. This is the home strech and is pretty hard with traffic speeding past you. Its not the nicest of roads to cycle on but has great scenery and some good climbs and descents with a good descent on the very last part as you whizz past the finsing line. I will probably edit this route at some point as I feel the Painters lane/ashbourne road section is a bit tedious. I think its best to cross over the road and make the way back via some other villages. It might put on a few miles but it will make is a more enjoyable run. You pace through a few little villages on the way around
Landmarks/Sites to see?
No bike shops on-route although Samways is further down Ashbourne road towards Derby city center. There are a few local shops in the various villages but I am not sure if they are open all day so its best to stock up on fluids and snacks. There are a many laybys on the small country roads to stop for a rest or say hello to some cows. At the junction at the very end of Long Lane there is a good resting spot where I saw a few cyclists resting. Must be a popular spot to chill.