Nicky Line Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameNicky Line
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationTL134 152
End LocationTL059 073
Cycle Steps
1. The beginning of the Nicky Line is to the north of Harpenden in Hollybush Lane, almost opposite Tennyson Road. There is a steep descent using steps to the side of the railway bridge. At August 2006 there is some M1 widening about half way along which causes a lot of rubble and dust in the area.
2. The ride is very easy and would be suitable for children (if you can get them down the steps and across some busy roads). It is not well sign-posted at either end which may be due to either re-positioning signs, removing them altogether or perhaps they never existed!
3. Two miles down the route you come out onto the very busy Redbourn Lane where you need cross at the roundabout and then immediately need to cross A5183 to get to the Redbourn side of the Nicky Line.
4. Due to lack of signposts we ended up at the edge of a housing estate at the Hemel Hempstead end, and another flight of steep steps, we crossed in front of the houses towards a small wooded area and re-joined the Nicky Line for a fairly short cycle into Hemel Hempstead.
5. Due to the steep steps and busy roads I have given a score of 3, otherwise it would have been a 1 as it is such an easy ride.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
The Weatherspoons PH, an old converted cinema, is located in the main shopping precinct, where you can have a well earned lunch, beer and/or coffee. There is a small seating area (gated) outside on the main thoroughfare