Caterbury Circular via Herne Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameCaterbury Circular via Herne
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityHowe Barracks
Start LocationLittlebourne Road
End LocationLittlebourne Road
Cycle Steps
1. Start at Howe Barracks, Cycle towards Fordwich, mostly downhill, through Fordwich follow signs for Herne Bay. As you approach Herne you will see signs for Whitstable on the A2990. There are a few roundabouts on the A2990 so be careful, once you get to Whitstable follow signs for Canterbury via Blean, Blean is mostly uphill from here, I had to stop once myself, but once there Canterbury is all downhill through Westgate. Follow the road around and then follow the signs for Sandwich until you are back where you started.
Landmarks/Sites to see?