Woolwich to Southwark Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWoolwich to Southwark
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationRoyal Woolwich Arsenal Riverside
End LocationCity Hall, Southwark
Cycle Steps
1. The route is filled with pleasent riverside views and various pretty public houses on the river. Good cycle route signs on route 1, although route 4 are a few diversions and poor signage. Best advice is to stick as close to the river as possible and divert on to the roads for a short while. You will see the heart of the gravel crushing industry on route and smells of beer in production.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Great pubs on route if you stick to the river you really can't miss them. Yhe Trafalgar is located in Greenwich and The Angel is on route 4 near Tower Bridge. Old Salt Quay is also on route 4 between Greenwhich (Route 1) and Tower Bridge. O2 is on route at east Greenwhich and The Thames Barrier is also on route 1 in East Greenwhich. I found a great City Farm on route 4 just beyond Greenwich called "Surry Docks Farm" which is about 1 mile from Tower Bridge. King Edward III Manor House runis is also on route 4 just outside the Angel Public House and 1/2 mile from Tower Bridge. Then of course you have Tower Bridge and the City. Total route was around 13 miles.