Harpenden to Welwyn Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHarpenden to Welwyn
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationPipers Lane
End LocationWelwyn, Campus West
Cycle Steps
1. From Pipers Lane jn. with Ayers End Lane follow the farm track for about 1 mile until it turns sharp left. At that point go through the gap in the hedge taking care to look out for traffic on Ferrers Lane. Turn left down the road past the farm on your left. Immediately after the turning for Bull Lane, turn left onto the Bridle path through the woods on the North side of Nomansland Common. Cross over Down Green Lane where the bridle path exits onto it and continue down the residential road opposite. Where the road turns sharp left, continue straight on along the path through the woods until you reach the cricket ground. Skirt the edge of the cricket ground and cross over the B651 Whetahampstead/Sandridge road at the Wicked Lady pub. Continue down devils Dyke Lane. Optionally detour right at Coleman Green Farm to get to the John Bunyon pub. Optionally detour through the Devils Dyke when you reach the outskirts of WheatHampstead. Continue down Devils Dyke Lane and carefully cross Marford Road at the Lord Nelson Pub (closed down at present) and continue down Sheepcote Lane. Cross the bridge (stop and look for trout) and continue under Cory-Wright Way and up the hill on the other side. Turn right at the white pillar ont Ayot Green Way, a disused railway line. Continue for seveal miles until the railway runs out at a road junction. Take the road through Ayot Green. Just before the A1 bridge turn left down what looks like a residential road to th Waggoners Inn for a pint. Cross over the A1 on the road bridge and turn left up B197 Digswell Hill for 100 yards then cross over and enter Sherrardspark. Continue along the pathe for tow or three hundred yards and then turn right onto the disused railway line again. Continue along here for approx 1 mile until you see the back of Roller City on your right. Do not continue under the white road bridge as the p[ath runs out here and there is a lot of boken glass [friend got a puncture :-( ]
Landmarks/Sites to see?